Ruth Chapter, No. 25

Ruth Chapter, No. 25

James W. Austin, then Worshipful Master of St. Peter’s Lodge No. 20 P.H.A. petitioned the Grand Chapter, Order of the Eastern Star under the leadership of Grand Worthy Matron Sis. Nellie F. Lockhart and Grand Worthy Patron Bro. Clifton M. Greene, Sr. to form a Club for the purpose of later becoming an Eastern Star Chapter.

On August 8, 1979, Grand Worthy Patron Bro. Clifton M. Greene, Sr. issued a dispensation to several Sisters, Brothers and non-members with proper affiliation with Master Masons at the home of Worshipful Master James W. Austin, 42 Adams Street, Hartford, Connecticut. The Club was known as the CLASSICS. The first officers elected were: PRESIDENT, Mrs. Beverly Jenkins, VICE PRESIDENT, Mrs. Barbara Austin, SECRETARY, Mrs. Patricia Holland, RECORDING SECRETARY, Mrs., Deborah Austin, TREASURER, Mrs. Barbara Swain, ASSISTANT SECRETARY, Mrs. Ella Mae Brown and CHAPLAIN, Bro. Lester Swain.

There were twenty-seven members and meetings were held in member’s homes under the dispensation until a CHARTER was received on Sunday January 27 th , 1980 at 3:00 pm at 2 Mahl Avenue, Hartford. All Non-Eastern Stars were initiated by the Grand Worthy Matron, Sis. Nellie F. Lockhart and Grand Worthy Patron Bro. Clifton M. Greene, Sr. and the members of the Grand Chapter.

The Classics Club became RUTH CHAPTER NO.25, O.E.S. on Friday September 12 th , 1980 at the 86 th Annual Grand Session, held at the Marriott Hotel in Providence, Rhode Island. RUTH CHAPTER NO. 25 received its charter. Through it all with GOD’S BLESSINGS, the guidance of the Grand Chapter, support from the subordinate Chapters and our advisors, Sis. Lucy Scruse and Sis. Pearl Lee. We have seen the “STAR IN THE EAST” and are still “WORSHIPING HIM”.


Bro. James Austin Bro. Louis Guess

Sis. Barbara Austin Sis. Dorothy Guess

Sis. Vendetta Austin Sis. Patricia Holland

Sis. Deborah Austin Bro. Benjamin Holmes

Sis. Ruth Atkins Bro. James Hughes

Bro. Benjamin Brown Sis. Beverly Jenkins

Sis. Ella M. Brown Sis. Grace Minton

Bro. John Brown Bro. Jeremiah Quintyne

Bro. Arthur Chappell Sis. Hattie Simpson

Sis. Mary Chappell Bro. Wesley Simpson

Sis. Grace Curry Bro. William Stanback

Bro. Bernie Curry Sis. Mary McDougald

Sis. Bessie Dunbar Sis. Barbara Swain

Bro. Samuel Dunbar Bro. Lester Swain

Bro. Herbert Goodman Bro. Claudius Young, Sr.