Prince Hall Grand Chapter

 Order of Eastern Star

State of Connecticut, Inc.

In 1894 a call was issued by Deputy William B. Bowen and Assistant Deputy Robert T. Reed of New Haven, CT.  In response to the call, delegates and representatives of Sheba Chapter No. 1 of Ansonia, CT, Eureka Chapter No. 2 of New Haven, CT, Queen Esther Chapter of Yonkers, NY and Adah Chapter No. 3 of Worchester, MA met in the City of New Haven, CT at the Masonic Temple, 74 Webster Street on November 23, 1894 at 7:00 p.m.  The call was read and the committee on credentials reported.  A letter from George W. Roper, 33rd Grand Commander was read, authorizing William B. Bowen to call and constitute a Grand Chapter.  A motion was unanimously passed to form Prince Hall Grand Chapter of New England and New York.  Rev. William B. Bowens and Robert T. Reed presented a Grand Constitution, which was adopted.  The following chapters made up Prince Hall Grand Chapter of New England and New York.  Of the chapters listed, 10 are on the roll at the present time.


On December 27, 1980 the last of the chapters located outside the State of Connecticut demitted to local jurisdictions. PGM Preston L. Pope granted Prince Hall Grand Chapter a new charter making us formally and legally known as Prince Hall Grand Chapter, OES, State of Connecticut, Inc.

*denotes chapters that demitted